The Day after Thanksgiving



Turkey Soup


The best thing about Thanksgiving turkey is the left over, turkey soup, and turkey congee.  As this year’s turkey was a monster bird, the carcass is way too big for our biggest pot, so we broke it in half,  used one half for soup stock, and freeze the other. The stock took about 4 hours to simmer.  I let it sit for the night and spoon off the stuff from the top.

I chopped a couple sticks of carrots, whatever left of the celery stalks, the unused potatoes from Sunday, and a couple of chopped tomatoes, and a zucchini squash I had in the fridge.  I seasoned the soup with poultry seasoning,  a dash of sage and thyme and threw in some chopped parsley and let it come to a boil It is almost a meal by itself.

I had a couple of salmon fillets thawed from Sunday so I made a sweet chili glazed salmon with snow peas.  It is quite pleasant , and the family enjoy it.  But we all decided that we have enough salmon for a while.  Too much of a good thing.


sweet chili glazed salmon with snow peas



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