Award Winning Chili?


October 15,2010

So it is Friday already.

Friday is usually dine out for us, as we have to be on the way by  6:30pm, it is a stretch for me, because I don’t usually get home by 5:00.  I could whip up something fast, but I usually like to chill out a bit after the drive back home.  So this week, I decided I need to be a little bit organized.

Crock pot dinners are the best if you need to have supper ready when you get home.  I have not used my slow cooker for ages, so I dug it out last night.  As I was looking for recipes for Thanksgiving, I came across one that says “Award Winning Chili“, so I filed it away to be used on one of these on-the-run nights.

The recipe called for stove cooking for 2 hours, but I decided to put it on low in the crock pot, which works just as well.  Last night I chopped up all the onions and green pepper and this morning before I left the house I put everything in the slow cooker, it took me about 15 minutes to put everything together.

The chili is tasty, but it is just like any other chili recipe I have used.  But I got to say, it turned out good, and I am happy with it.


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