kimchi fried rice


I don’t like ordering spicy hot dishes when I eat out because I sweat like a pig when I eat spicy food. When I was younger, I could handle any heat, but now my metabolism is all weird, and I just don’t look that appetizing sitting in front of my eating companions.

On the other hand “A” has developed a taste bud for hot food, and she likes kimchi.  I had seen recipes for kimchi fried rice so tonight I decided to make my own version:

about 4 cups of left over long grain rice

a cup of BBQ pork, cut up in small pieces

one stalk of celery chopped

a bowl of kimchi, cut up in small pieces

one egg, beaten and fried

I fried the BBQ pork in a heated pan with a little bit of oil, and I add the celery and fried it for a couple of minutes,  then I add the rice and press it loose with the back of the spatula, since cold rice have a tendency to stick together. Meanwhile in a separate pan, I fry a beaten egg and make my “egg sheet”, and then cut it up in pieces and save them for later.  I add the chopped kimchi into the fried rice, cover and let it cook with the rest of the rice for a couple of minutes, this is to let all the flavors blend a bit.  Then I add in the  egg and seasoned  the rice it with a little bit of soya sauce, just to give it a kick.  To finish I add a 1/4 tsp of sesame oil.

The verdict by “A”—it is good but not as good as my regular fried rice.


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