Apple Flavored Pot Roast


This is another one of those dishes which takes little or no prep, I don’t need to make any side dish, just some rice to serve with. Once it is in the oven, I am free to do other things which are more interesting than cooking.  This pot roast uses a can of concentrated apple juice.  I was a tad skeptical of this, but the sweetness of the juice balance the saltiness of the dried onion soup.

I used the sirloin tip roast instead of the chuck roast it recommended.  Instead of the baking potatoes, I used  little red potatoes and leave them whole to bake. They retain their shapes really well.

The reviews from my in house food critics–yummy !

Normally when I made pot roast, I have plenty of left overs, but not tonight.  Okay, this recipe is a keeper!


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