Garlic is good for you


Garlic is supposed to be good for your health, that is why I made garlic chicken tonight.  Yes chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, and I used more than that , and yes I added a whole  bottle of white wine too. …  mmmmmm.

I cooked extra chicken so I put in almost 60 cloves of garlic, and the recipe calls for cognac, which I am not about to spend an arm and a leg on, so I added another cup or so of white wine.   For this dish, the white wine should be of decent quality, because you do taste the wine.  For some reason today all the grocery stores all ran out of thyme, so I ended up using rosemary, but I prefer the other herb.

It is a favorite dish of the family, and even “A” the in-house- non- chicken- eater, broke fast and enjoyed the dish, mostly the sauce.  I purposely made more , because the chicken taste better the next day. Love the left overs.


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