ipoh chicken with bean sprouts


It is my day off today, and I wanted to try cooking something a little adventurous.  I had stumbled upon a Malaysian food blog while ago and had wanted to try some of the recipes, so today is the day.

This week has to be one those funny weeks, whatever I need I cannot find. It started off with Thyme, I could not find any in all the stores, and that really made the dish tasted differently when I had to substitute another  herb.  And today is the same old story, I could not find free range chicken as called for and had to settle on the regular ones.  The texture and the taste of course are not the same, so I really cannot say if this dish is as good as I expected.

I love chicken, so it is still enjoyable the only thing is the sesame oil is a little too overpowering, next time if I make it again, I will not use sesame oil, and for sure I will spend a little more on getting an organic chicken.

I had made some the “fun” as called for in the recipe, and unfortunately I dropped the whole container while I move it to the counter from the stove.  I managed to save maybe half a bowl, and had to substitute a different kind of noodle instead.  There really is no substitution, the “fun” is still the best.


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