Pork Bones Soup–Mom’s Version


Ever since Ariella and I tried out the pork bones soup at Green House, I have been craving it.  I love soup, anything that is soupy like congee, and noodles.   I love them for they are my comfort food and lately I have been longing for a touch of comfort.

The dish we ordered at the Green House is more of a stew than soup even they called it ‘soup’ in their menu. I love the pork bones ( very meaty); they are very tasty. You can tell that they have been cooking it for a while and the meat is fork-tender.  It must be their popular dish because while we were there, two other tables had ordered it.

I could never “copy” the taste, because you can tell it is made with specialized Korean spice, so I thought I would make my own version with the same kind of idea.  I use  the same kind of  neck bones which are meaty and  I stirred fried some garlic with the miso paste, green onion, and then add the pork bones, and then covered the bones with just enough water and a generous amount of soya sauce, with a teaspoon or so of five spice powder and star anise and peppercorn. I also added some store-bought deep-fried tofu to the mix.   I cooked it on the stove until it boiled, and then put it in my thermo-pot.

The verdict: it was a good first try, but still not as tasty as Green House’s .   It tasted more like the spicy pork I sometimes make.  I did serve it as a hot-pot, and put some Chinese cabbage in it.   Ariella and I liked it , but still we prefer the Korean version. It is definitely a good dish to serve on a cold rainy night.


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