slow cooker oatmeal


I am not a lover of oatmeal  because when I was  young my mom would feed me oatmeal every time when I was sick.  So oatmeal does conjure a very uncomfortable memory for me.

I have been trying to eat healthier these days, and oatmeal seems to be a better breakfast food instead of pastries.   When I saw this recipe I was a little surprised to find out you can cook oatmeal in a slow cooker, and I have been wanting to try it, mainly out of curiosity.

So here is the recipe, from Grandma’s Canning Jars, for the original post,click  here

Slow Cooker Oatmeal

2 cups of steel cut oats

8 cups of water

1 cup of skim milk

2 peeled and diced apples

2 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of vanilla

Spray your crock pot with cooking oil or you can use a liner to prevent sticking. Add all the liquid ingredients followed by the dry ingredients stirring to combine. Place the lid on top and set to low, cooking for 6-8 hours. Make sure to stir your oatmeal from time to time to make sure the fruit is evenly distributed and that the oats are not stuck to the bottom or sides.

The oatmeal is done when the liquid is fully absorbed and the texture is creamy. Take the lid off, turn the crock pot off and let it cool before putting it in containers in the fridge. If you like your oatmeal sweet then add brown sugar to taste with the other ingredients before cooking, also if everyone in your family likes raisins or dried cranberries add those in before cooking as well.

The recipe said to cook it for 6-8 hours, but it really depends on your crock pot,  for mine the cooking time is less, it was done in less than 6 hours.  This recipe is not the kind that you can leave unattended, I had to stir the oatmeal once in a while otherwise it will stuck on the pot.

step 1--all ingredients in

step 2--about three hours into cooking, take lid off to stir every half hour

Step 3--After 5 hours oatmeal is done when water is gone and it gets creamy

While the oatmeal was cooking, I  was putting up the Christmas tree and  the smell of apples and cinnamon really got me in the Christmas spirit.   The smell was heavenly, I went to bed smelling of Christmas.

This recipe yields a big batch of oatmeal, and it is great for someone like me who does not wake up early enough to cook a decent breakfast.  I put the batch of oatmeal  in a container and put it in the fridge, and in the morning took enough for one serving and heat it up in the microwave.   I sprinkled some brown sugar on top, and was I ever surprised at how good the oatmeal tasted !

Okay, I have to say that I love oatmeal now.  Especially this recipe.

No more of that  instant stuff or even the  quick rolled oats.  This stuff is incredible! Even though the cooking time is quite long, but it is worth the work.

warm it up and sprinkle with brown sugar, yummy


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