Oeuf Cocotte aux Champignons


So much for the sun, after a few days of nice spring like weather, we are back to  cloudy gray skies, and yes of course rain, and no less on a Saturday when we don’t have to work.

Today is definitely a good day for some nice comfort food…..hmmm….eggs !  I have been dying to try this one out for the pure reason it sounds super easy, and it is.  The preparation did not take long at all, and the finish product is so pretty to look at.

Note to self: Our oven temperature is very different, so next time will go to 390 F, and cook about 15 mins.  And..do not use a big ramekin, like the tan-colored one I used for this time, a smaller one will work better.  Live and let learn~

Shirred Eggs with Mushrooms (Oeuf  Cocotte aux Champignons) –From Ardent Epicure

Prep 10 mins Cook 12 mins Serves 2
A little soft butter for greasing ramekins
2 cremini or Swiss brown mushrooms clean off any grit and slice thinly
4 really fresh eggs (preferably organic)
Two generous pinches sea salt
Freshly ground white pepper to taste
2 Tbsp heavy cream
Sweet paprika for garnishing
Snipped fresh chives for garnishing
Toast soldiers (optional)
1. Preheat oven at 195 C (385 F) and grease the insides of two ramekins generously with the butter so eggs don’t stick.
2. Divide the mushroom slices between the ramekins. Carefully break two eggs into each ramekin and season both generously with salt and pepper.
3. Pour a tablespoon of cream over the surface of each of the ramekin contents ensuring it covers the surface of the eggs. This will prevent a chewy skin forming as the eggs bake.
4. Place ramekins into a baking dish and put into oven.  Fill baking dish with really hot water to reach half way up the sides of the ramekins.
5. Bake for no more than 12 minutes. Remove from oven. If you like your eggs tender and wobbly, serve immediately. If you prefer them firmer, cover ramekins while still in water filled baking dish, securely with cling wrap so steam is trapped inside and continues to cook and firm up the eggs.
6. Garnish with chives and paprika and serve with buttered toast soldiers if you like.
Note : Toast soldiers are pieces of cut up bread toasted to a crackling crunch and usually served with soft cooked eggs. They’re a British culinary tradition and take any kind of soft cooked eggs to a new level.  I made them using my own home made sunflower seed bread but use whatever you prefer. The important thing is that they should be really crunchy, in fact the crusts should border on charred.

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