what can you do with burnt toasts?


What can you do with burnt toasts?  I guess it depends who you are, and if you are someone with creativity, time and patience ( and 6000 pieces of burnt toasts) then you make art out of it.

While I was in Hong Kong, I had spent an afternoon exploring TST, and I went to Carnarvon Road to where the old Grand Hotel used to be.  It was one of those famous landmark while I was growing up, mom used to bring us there once a year for Christmas dinner.  The place was truly meaningful to me.

Grand Hotel Postcard

And like most of the old buildings, the Grand Hotel is no longer standing there, and in its place is this building called K11.  I was told that this is the newest building in the area, and as to why it is named as such, not even the staff in their cute fedoras and matching vest and jeans could really tell me.   In this building there is a huge shopping mall with very expensive stores obviously targeting the tourists who are willing to pay the premium price for anything.  One thing that really surprised me is how narrow the main entrance is, even though there is this very friendly looking greeter who smiles and gives you a very warm welcome when you enter. (This definitely is a sign that this mall is for tourists). I am pretty sure there are some fung shui reasons behind the size and the location of the entrance.    The next thing I noticed is the huge mural on the side wall.  From the first look, it is some sort of imitation of Mona Lisa…..with an ice cream cone.  ( I am pretty sure there isn’t one in the original painting).  A careful look at this mural and the description on the side tell you that this is their featured “toast art”….. the final resting place for 6000 pieces of burnt toasts.

Mona Lisa and her ice cream

6000 toasts later....

toast heaven?




giant lego birds flying above the toasts


Another thing that made this mall unique is the courtyard outside, this is not the ordinary park bench type I am talking about, this little oasis among the steel jungle  is lined with beautiful potted trees and has comfortable looking rattan chairs with big cushions. It actually looks welcoming, now, this is a first !


courtyard outside mall with comfortable chairs


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