I never realized how difficult it is to bake these little guys until Ariella tried to make them .  From then on  I have developed an appreciation and respect for macarons.

Ariella bought me a couple of them from Thomas Haas a couple weeks ago, they are beautifully made, but I found the cookies a little too soft for my taste.  But man, they are not cheap at all at about a dollar a piece.  But then there is a good reason why it costs so much more than the regular cookies.

As I was exploring K11 in Hong Kong, I found a Paul Lafayet store from the mall’s directory, so I set about to find it, and I got to say this itself  was quite an adventure.  The shop is not actually inside the mall, I had to find my way through a maze of stores before I found it outside the side entrance, tucked away in a corner.

The display is just goregeous, I have never seen so many macarons in so many different color and flavors.  The girl told me that they just added a couple of new favors: black sesame, oolong and Jasmine.  They are definitely expensive at 15 dollars each, which is about 2 canadian dollars at the current exchange rate.  I thought my brother who has a sweet tooth would appreciate them, so I splurged and got half a dozen.  Choosing the flavors was such a challenge, I wanted to buy one of each, but then really they are a little too rich for my wallet.

I went home and presented these little beauties to my brother after dinner, and I had specifically told him that they were to be savored slowly ( at two bucks each, you really have to).  I was appalled to see him inhaled these guys, it was like one bite and was gone.  It only took him less than a few minutes to inhale four of them and he did leave me with the two I really wanted  !  I got to try out the Jasmine and the passion fruit, and they were indeed good.  The cookies were crispy and puffy just like the way I like them.  The only thing is that the filling is little too heavy for me, they are very sweet and creamy.  But overall they were very enjoyable.

Most of all, I am glad that my brother loved them.

” They are pretty good……”

That means he likes them a lot !


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mom with two grown up girls, children pastor, avid knitter, coffee-lover, bear-collector. I love reading, hanging out with my girl friends and yes, I am owned by a golden lab, Jaden.

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  1. Drooool. I came across these for the very first time when we visited Paris last year. The first ones I tried were indeed black sesame and green tea at $1.5 CDN. They were indeed sweet, but not as sweet as every single one that I tried after elsewhere (which were cheaper, but not as good). I don’t generally like them either because they are really sweet and full of artificial colouring, but they are so pretty to look at :)!

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