Squid Ink Anyone?


One thing about Hong Kong is that you never have to worry where and what to eat.  The problem might be in choosing.  Just take K11 for instance, this mall has six floors of shops, and if you looked at the food directory, there are about 22 eateries in total.  That is quite a big selection !   While I was there I stood in front of the directory for a good 10 minutes because the selections are too overwhelming—” so much food and so little space”.  So in the end , I went to the ones I wanted to try and looked at their individual menus placed outside the restaurants.

I have heard a lot about squid ink, and never had the opportunity to try it, so when I saw “squid ink spaghetti” in the menu of Miso Cool, I decided to give it a try.  If you looked at the logo you will realize that cool, is spelled”coollll”, the three l’s are actually noodles on chopsticks !

I  love the decor of this place, very chic and clean. As I was seated at this communal table ( for solo dinners), I noticed the unique shapes of the condiment holder.  ( When I took a picture of it the patrons around me were staring at me. )

The squid ink spaghetti when it finally arrived is no disappointment at all.  I love the shape of the bowl, it has a slanted lip ( opening), and it came with a large spoon, which I soon realized that you need a big scooper to get every last drop of the broth.  The broth is pretty in milky white, set against the blackness of the pasta and  is so delicious,  and it is loaded with all types of seafood, fish, clams and prawns, extremely good deal for 75.00 hk, which is about 9 canadian (plus tax!)
There are so many interesting items I wanted to try, next time I will make sure to go with more people so we can order more dishes to share and try.   Meanwhile I will dream about it……
For more pictures, go to this blog

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