I need a rainbow


I cannot believe that this is April, yeah, it is supposed to be spring.  But it has been crazy weather around here, you could literally experienced four seasons in a day.  My neighbor’s mom is visiting from Ontario and she was hoping to be able to experience some nice spring weather here…..hah!

It had rained really hard the last couple of days, and there are puddles all around.  I am getting a little sick of the rain, and I really would not mind having a little bit of sun, you know even two hours…..

The other day a lady brought these beautiful layered jello to church for the  Bible study, and the sight of it made me craved for rainbow….I just need some colors in my life right now to pick me up a little.  I went online to look for the recipe for layered jello and I was inspired by all these recipes I found, and this is the one I used, it is sort of a combination of the many I found:

5 small boxes of Jello ( colors of your choice)

1 tub of frozen dessert topping

boiling water

1 medium glass tray, greased and chilled


  1. Mix one box of jello in 1 cup of hot water, stir to dissolve.  Pour 2/3 of it into a greased, chilled glass tray.  Chill in fridge for 15-25 minutes until it is slightly set.
  2. Meanwhile with the remaining 1/3 cup, add enough dessert topping to make 2/3 cup, stir well to make sure the topping is all melted and mixed well.  (I added a tablespoon at a time, made it easier to read the measurements. )
  3. When the jello layer is set, pour the dessert topping/ jello mixture on top, return to fridge to chill for another 15-20 min.

Repeat the last three steps with the rest of the different color jello.  This is an easy recipe, but it takes time and patience.  When I made mine, I did not wait enough time for the first two layers to set, and they were kind of messed up.  Still taste the same though.

Some recipes called for yogurt or evaporated milk.  I used the dessert topping in stead.

I finally got my rainbow at night….. I went to bed with a big smile on my face!

my rainbow


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