My Indulgence


My latest indulgence is macarons, I only knew about them because Ariella bought me some while she was working in North Vancouver.  I guess they have been around for a while, but all of a sudden they became very popular. Seems like everyone is making them.

These babies are very expensive, they run from 1 to 2 dollars, depending where you buy them. Now I don’t need to pay through my nose for it, as I have my very own personal pastry chef who will satisfy my indulgence.

She started the process of making these guys on Tuesday, and today I finally get to sample the end product, apparently these cookies taste better when allowed to sit over night.  Believe it or not, from aging of the egg whites to the time the cookies are at best it took her almost four days.  Thank you my dear, I am so glad you enjoy baking, I got to be the luckiest mom !


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