Seafood bouillabaisse


I am tripping down memory lane again.  I have been craving for  seafood bouillabaisse which used to be my “date night” entrée. I never heard of this dish until this prairie housewife moved out to the land of milk and honey.  The first time I had it was at Horizon.  It is a lovely little place up on Burnaby Mountain which overlooks the beautiful city.  The first time I went there was with my late husband when we had a discount coupon  from one of those fund-raising booklets.  If it hadn’t been for the 50 percent off, we would have never ordered it because it was quite expensive.    But ever since then this dish became my favorite and once in a while my late husband would take me out and ordered it for me as a special treat ( and he would order something less expensive on the menu for himself).  He would sit there and watch with amusement while I polished my bouillabaisse with gusto.  ( That is love !)

I haven’t had it for a long time,  as you can see, this dish is loaded with memories.  Then  last week Ariella suggested that we should make it on Sunday, which is a better day to cook because we do not have to rush.   Originally I was going to make my own broth but when I looked at the recipes on internet, I realized it is going to take a long time and most of all a handful of ingredients.  Fortunately Ariella discovered this store by her work which sells the starter broth and we were just beside ourselves because it definitely saves us a lot of time.

Anyways, we did not have it on Sunday as planned, for we got invited to dinner at the Js’.  Whenever I get an invitation from them I will ( try) not to turn it down because he is a fantastic chef.  Since the broth has an expiry date, we ended up having it last night for a late dinner as daughter number one could not get off work until 7 pm.

So here it is, the version according to the instant noodle chef :


1 1/2 lb of salmon pieces

1/2 lb of halibut pieces

1 fresh crab, cleaned and cut in pieces

1 lb of fresh clams

12 pieces of frozen scallops

( basically any fresh fish and shell-fish will do)


Bring the broth to a bubbling boil, add in the seafood which require longer cooking ( crab and clams)

When the shell-fish is half-cooked, put in the halibut pieces and the thawed scallops, boil  for a couple of minutes

Finally, add in salmon chunks.  Cook until they turn pink.

Serve immediately with toasted bread

The dish was delish !! However for us the broth  was a tad too tomato-ey.   We can’t complain though becuase the broth is so convenient and you do not have to spend time chopping, cooking and blending.   If you are real adventurous and want a more seafood taste to the broth then the best thing is to make your own.

The homemade/lazy version of the bouillabaisse did its job for me, it warmed my tummy and brought back some sweet memories.  It was nice to be able to have a family dinner together chatting and making a mess with our fingers and our faces.

Maybe next time when I am super industrious , I will then make my own broth. But until then, I am happy with the store-bought one.


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