mixed fruit and tapioca


I love tapioca sweet soup, the dessert restaurants usually serve after meals. It is one of the popular Chinese desserts because it is so easy to make. I have not attempted it until now, when I am finally “hit” with a craving for it.

I found this recipe in one of those free magazines from the Asian markets. The ingredients are few and steps are simple, just my kind of cooking. This is a very refreshing dessert for the summer time especially when there are so many different fresh fruits to choose from. You can take you pick, whatever you fancy at the moment.


1/2 cup of Tapioca

120 ml of condensed milk

120ml of coconut milk

rock sugar to taste

4 cups of water ( to dissolve sugar)

Canned or fresh mango

half a papaya


  • Boil water just enough to cover tapioca, put tapioca in and boil for 10 minutes on high, turn off heat and let tapioca sit for 20 minutes until they are transparent. Rinse in cold water and drain, set aside.
  • boil 4 cups of water, add in sugar as per your taste. After sugar is melted add in the drained tapioca and turn down heat, simmer for 2 minutes. Turn off heat and cool mixture.
  • add in milk, stir well.
  • peel and cut papaya and mango in cubes.
  • Add fruit in the cooled mixture.
  • put in fridge.


We love taro, so I made a batch with taro roots instead. Peel and cut it in half inch chunks. Microwave them until they are soft. When sugar is being melted, add taro root into the sugar mixture. When mixture is cool, add in milk. Serve either cold or hot.



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