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Fruit Loops Krispies


I was inspired when I stumbled upon the picture of ” Trix Krispies” on Pinterest the other night.  I just love things that are colorful.  Tonight the mini-teens at church is having games night, and I thought it will be the perfect time to pump them up with some sugar after running around for 90 minutes. Thats my plan, give them sugar high and then send them home !

Last night I set out to the grocery store to get my Trix cereals only to find out that they are not available here.  “Only in the States,eh?”  I was a little disappointed but then I remembered that Trix are just little round Fruit Loops. So I subsituted.

This is basically a multi colored rice krispies squares, I cannot remember the last time I made them.  I used to make them for the girls and they would make me feel like a super mom because they loved it so.   Only now, they know better, cannot fool them with rice krispies any more.

Here is my recipe for my fruit loops krispies, even thought they don’t look as cute as Trix they taste the same. ( I am pretty sure)

1/4 cup of butter

400 gr. bag of mini marshmallows

1 box of fruit loops ( or Trix if you can get them)


  1. Melt butter and marshmallows in a large glass bowl in a microwave about 3-4 minutes
  2. When melted, pour cereal in, and mix thoroughly. 
  3. Greased your pans, and pour mixture in.  With the back of a greased wooden spoon pressed cereal mixture on to the pan
  4. Once mixture is set, cut into squares.