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Roasted Miso Eggplant


I found this recipe from the Hapa Bento website, I was drawn by the name, never imagine roasting with Miso.   I love eggplants and always want to find ways to cook them and this one was just begging me to try !

Roasted Miso Eggplant with Honey Sesame Glaze

cut eggplants into one inch pieces

white miso

marinate eggplants with miso

honey and sesame glaze with roasted sesame


Small eggplants, sliced in half lengthwise

white miso

sesame oil

honey (brown sugar or brown rice syrup)

sesame seeds


Smear white miso all over the eggplant halves and set aside to marinate for an hour. The longer you marinate the better it tastes.

Scrape excess miso off the eggplants.  Place them cut side up and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Then turn up the heat to 450 and roast for 8-10 minutes

Mix equal parts of sesame oil and honey.  Brush this glaze across the eggplants and dip in roasted sesame seeds.

Note: I could not find the small rounded eggplants, so I used the regular long skinny ones, I chopped them to one inch pieces, and cut them in half.  I was a little too generous with miso and did not scrape the excess, so the eggplants were a tad too salty.  Other than that the they are delish.

As I was reading this recipe, I also came across one for roasted sweet miso chicken, now that is an interesting one. Got to try it soon.